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Frequently Asked Questions


Our Paid to Click program is a simple way to earn money online. Here's how it works:

1. Sign up for an account on our platform.
2. Browse our available ads and click on the ones you're interested in.
3. Watch the ad for the specified time (usually 10-30 seconds).
4. Get paid for each ad you watch!

Our advertisers pay us to display their ads to our users, and we share a portion of that revenue with you. It's a win-win situation - advertisers get their ads seen, and you get paid for your time. We handle all the transactions and tracking, so all you need to do is click and earn!

When you upgrade your plan, you unlock access to premium ads with higher payout amounts. For a period of 90 days, you'll earn a significantly increased daily income from viewing these ads. The amount you earn will be based on the price of the upgrade package you purchased. essentially, the higher the plan upgrade, the higher your daily earnings will be. This means you can potentially boost your income significantly by upgrading your plan and taking advantage of the higher-paying premium ads.

Our trading platform utilizes advanced algorithms through three distinct trading bots, each with its own strategy and potential returns:


1. Kairos: This bot generates a daily profit of 4% for 30 days, with a guaranteed return of your initial capital at the end of the period.


2. Vortex: This bot produces a profit of 35% of your investment, plus the return of your initial capital, all within a 10-day period.


3. Onyx: This bot yields a daily profit of 10% for 15 days, note that the capital invested will not be returned in this case.


Our trading bots operate autonomously, using machine learning to analyze market trends and make trades. By diversifying your investment across our bots, you can potentially maximize your returns and manage risk. Please note that trading carries inherent risks, and it's essential to understand the terms and conditions before investing.

Withdrawal Terms:
- First-time withdrawal minimum: $1
- Subsequent withdrawal minimum: $5
- Withdrawal window: Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM GMT

Please note that withdrawals are only processed during business hours, Monday to Friday, between 7 AM and 7 PM GMT. The minimum withdrawal amount for first-time withdrawals is $1, and $5 for subsequent withdrawals.

Withdrawal Terms for Free Users:
- Yes, you can withdraw as a free user, provided you meet the minimum withdrawal requirements.

Deposit Terms:
- Minimum deposit: $10 (may vary depending on the specific cryptocurrency)

Please note that the minimum deposit amount is typically $10, but this may vary depending on the specific cryptocurrency you are depositing. Check our cryptocurrency list for specific minimum deposit amounts.

Referral Program:
- Earn 7% commission on trading volumes from your referrals
- Earn 20% commission on ad view earnings from your referrals (only if they are upgraded users)
- Note: If your referral is a free user, you will not earn commission from their ad views, but you will still earn 7% commission if they invest in trading

Our referral program rewards you with a 7% commission on any trading volume generated by your referrals, plus an additional 20% commission on any earnings they receive from viewing ads. Maximise your earnings by inviting friends and family to join!"

Agent Program:
Our Agent program allows selected users to act as country leaders, generating coupons and selling them to users who cannot deposit using cryptocurrencies. This program helps expand our reach and provides an alternative payment solution for users worldwide.

Commission for Agents:
Verified Agents receive a commission of 10% on all coupons sold within the week. This translates to an average weekly earning potential of up to $500. By selling coupons to users, Agents can earn a significant income stream, making our Agent program a lucrative opportunity for trusted and verified representatives.

Apply to Become an Agent:
To be approved as an Agent, you must meet the following requirements:
- Have at least 10 Upgraded users under your referral link
- Be an Upgraded user yourself

If you meet these requirements, you can submit your application to become an Agent. Our team will review your application and contact you if you are approved. As an Agent, you will be able to generate coupons and earn commissions on your sales.

Latest 30 Withdraws

User ID: 5195336961

Coin: BNB
Amount: $13.85
Crypto Amount: 0.023320 BNB
Trx ID: 0x7eaf957905cf4...fe9180900563b6
Date: 2024-07-19 19:51:05

User ID: 6243082156

Amount: $100.00
Crypto Amount: 100.00 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0x327f2486e237f...ad3433556baa41
Date: 2024-07-19 19:50:41

User ID: 2550903395

Amount: $10.90
Crypto Amount: 10.90 USDTTRC20
Trx ID: bda2d42bfea3986...2e170ad7385133
Date: 2024-07-19 19:40:05

User ID: 9297356510

Coin: BNB
Amount: $31.58
Crypto Amount: 0.053256 BNB
Trx ID: 0x2a11fd38f55cd...b2cb7cb1c073c2
Date: 2024-07-19 19:38:05

User ID: 6688183091

Coin: TRX
Amount: $34.99
Crypto Amount: 260.000 TRX
Trx ID: 4c50882432adaf8...a006bbcfc44392
Date: 2024-07-19 19:36:02

User ID: 3717936968

Amount: $96.37
Crypto Amount: 96.37 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0x870ce8904a24a...61c9ad2b5437ad
Date: 2024-07-19 19:35:01

User ID: 4832896846

Coin: BNB
Amount: $10.31
Crypto Amount: 0.017387 BNB
Trx ID: 0x3ac8cd9b718c1...229ff2e3072112
Date: 2024-07-19 19:25:07

User ID: 1491375115

Amount: $12.53
Crypto Amount: 12.53 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0x88e4ada2f3b8a...e2c2cc46929646
Date: 2024-07-19 19:18:51

User ID: 9428101109

Coin: BNB
Amount: $20.26
Crypto Amount: 0.034169 BNB
Trx ID: 0xa90b76a0e566f...8c3d03c8c58f8b
Date: 2024-07-19 19:12:06

User ID: 8046386278

Amount: $60.00
Crypto Amount: 60.00 USDTTRC20
Trx ID: 9c3339f578c8bbb...f13a01b6fcf53f
Date: 2024-07-19 19:09:02

User ID: 8812039336

Amount: $7.11
Crypto Amount: 7.11 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0x3a64e1bb01c18...a9685d5a9de071
Date: 2024-07-19 19:02:35

User ID: 1819333092

Coin: BNB
Amount: $9.12
Crypto Amount: 0.015437 BNB
Trx ID: 0xa919ed0847430...813e65c618231a
Date: 2024-07-19 18:59:06

User ID: 5907467812

Amount: $249.26
Crypto Amount: 249.26 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0x425fc53c638b7...95656f44c5906f
Date: 2024-07-19 18:46:59

User ID: 1068008907

Coin: BNB
Amount: $9.66
Crypto Amount: 0.016388 BNB
Trx ID: 0xdf322c92d91f5...c80068a9b2784e
Date: 2024-07-19 18:46:08

User ID: 8912030885

Amount: $68.77
Crypto Amount: 68.77 USDTTRC20
Trx ID: 13071055f51e0d7...a770fdeaf25fb7
Date: 2024-07-19 18:38:02

User ID: 8101986748

Coin: BNB
Amount: $10.54
Crypto Amount: 0.017859 BNB
Trx ID: 0x168dd388e444b...5979414a220a7a
Date: 2024-07-19 18:33:05

User ID: 4568289892

Amount: $50.26
Crypto Amount: 50.26 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0xc3720b1c2cfb0...b12c3185f68e87
Date: 2024-07-19 18:30:48

User ID: 1887958905

Coin: BNB
Amount: $15.63
Crypto Amount: 0.026380 BNB
Trx ID: 0x37ce71b72e2e0...a616bd928a8159
Date: 2024-07-19 18:20:07

User ID: 9132042672

Amount: $243.17
Crypto Amount: 243.17 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0x9b163cdd8f1ac...97f3bc8b8ddc5c
Date: 2024-07-19 18:14:59

User ID: 6706764534

Amount: $17.52
Crypto Amount: 17.52 USDTTRC20
Trx ID: e74575d616ebfbf...8e38b1d6318cf8
Date: 2024-07-19 18:07:07

User ID: 5844265056

Coin: BNB
Amount: $14.34
Crypto Amount: 0.024323 BNB
Trx ID: 0xdf18a9edddd72...af00909b2e2fe4
Date: 2024-07-19 18:07:06

User ID: 8921437929

Amount: $20.00
Crypto Amount: 20.00 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0xeaad445a9d924...f97c89f2f1d4ed
Date: 2024-07-19 17:58:38

User ID: 9946551282

Coin: BNB
Amount: $61.12
Crypto Amount: 0.103268 BNB
Trx ID: 0xdc05ced873f3e...6244b6178e4867
Date: 2024-07-19 17:54:06

User ID: 6493792344

Amount: $20.51
Crypto Amount: 20.51 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0x74b97b32e1916...0dddc37682973f
Date: 2024-07-19 17:42:33

User ID: 2202905598

Coin: BNB
Amount: $17.39
Crypto Amount: 0.029400 BNB
Trx ID: 0xc81a1ec4659a3...2216dea5f60f34
Date: 2024-07-19 17:41:06

User ID: 8140194663

Amount: $20.00
Crypto Amount: 20.00 USDTTRC20
Trx ID: 5ad34a581b60d47...862cdc349e68e1
Date: 2024-07-19 17:36:02

User ID: 8582450600

Coin: LTC
Amount: $51.85
Crypto Amount: 0.710564 LTC
Trx ID: 71981dd1eb5a695...848d1a3d94741b
Date: 2024-07-19 17:28:09

User ID: 5775406971

Coin: BNB
Amount: $22.53
Crypto Amount: 0.038031 BNB
Trx ID: 0x44fe1799f3ecc...a173bfb41047df
Date: 2024-07-19 17:28:08

User ID: 7481105256

Amount: $31.00
Crypto Amount: 31.00 USDTBSC
Trx ID: 0xbf32ad9a0ecec...bc5b2835729a6f
Date: 2024-07-19 17:26:36

User ID: 9508108635

Coin: BNB
Amount: $10.67
Crypto Amount: 0.018010 BNB
Trx ID: 0x542e1714b0afa...d1eff4d5bb0f39
Date: 2024-07-19 17:15:07

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